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05 Feb


About KnewVantage

February 5, 2013 | By |

Whether your real estate brokerage has one office or fifty, it can be run more efficiently with less overhead, while capturing more leads and converting more opportunities. In today’s competitive climate, thought-leading firms are looking for ways to service smarter, more informed consumers. They are also empowering agents with tools that make them happier and more productive. Consequently, recruiting and retaining a leaner, more professional agent force featuring more transactions and profitability per agent.
Executives can gain complete visibility into their sales pipeline and a 360 degree view of all agent activity by using business intelligence tools with real-time forecasting and reporting. This provides visibility across the entire enterprise and supports better decision making. These strategies, powered by a centralized customer relationship management system, increase the long-term value of the firm.
KnewVantage was selected by as an ISV partner of to provide Cumulus as a based offering to the real estate market. The application was built to support the needs of agents, managers, and owners alike.